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    Thursday, July 20, 2006

    Lord Levy, kidnapped the Met.

    Breaking News the brothers offered up prayers at Asr and bless us, Lord Levy has not been charged and is released on bail of £250,000 !
    Lord Levy, 61, schoolfriend of Efraim Halevy ex head of Mossad, (Jewish Rotary Club) tennis partner of the Prime Minister, Middle East envoy of the UK Government to promote and protect the interests of Israel, has been kidnapped arrested and is being held at a North London police station.(Pic Lord Levy and Chicken Tikka Marsala)

    The gubment is breathing hard down the necks of the Metropolitan Police .... 7/7 bombings and associated lies, deceits and general incompetence, de Menezes murder and associated lies, deceits and general incompetence. 21/7 Flour Power bombings and associated lies, deceits and general incompetence.John Reid has exposed the lies about the 7/7 "Timeline" and the Metropolitan Police have compounded their lies further by denying any responsibility for claiming the 7/7 " suicide bombers" travelled on a non-existent train. "Not me guv, the 'ome Orifice made it up." Not to mention tapinga phone conversation with the Attorney General .....

    Lord Levy , a famous musicologist, specialising in primitive music (Alvin Stardust etc.,) has been arrested "in connection with the "cash-for-honours" inquiry " by the Metropolitan Police, whereby they provided massive cash "loans"(total £14 Mn.) to the New Labour Cheese and Whine Party in exchange for being called the husband of Lady Patel etc., immediately prior to an "election". It is understood that the £16 Mn. in loans to the Conservative Party had nothing to do with Lord Levy, enquiries should be addressed to "Lord" Ashcroft c/o Hotel Splendido, Belize by the Sea.

    Lord Levy will be returned in good working order to the Prime Minister by the Metropolitan Police if John Reid and his Rottweillers, the IPCC, the blogosphere, inquisitive journalists, lawyers acting for the de Menezes family, shut up and go away.

    Lord Levy is 60. His favourite curry is, favour.

    Prayers will be said during Maghrib at the Al Aqsa Mosque to intercede on his behalf.

    Lady Patel remarks, (as she frequently does) that Lord Levy is lucky that Sir Ian didn't send out the de Menezes murder squad, or wear a "bulky" jacket... Although as the sharp eyed lady pointed out, he was wearing a distinctly dodgy pair of shiny patent leatherette, "Up-Lift Hi-Rise" dancing shoes for the vertically challenged. The gold embossed , "Fergiana" rose tinted shades didn't help either.

    LATE POST24th July 23.53

    It appears that My Lord Levy has always voted at his paty's call on the few ocassions he has voted in the House of Lords. He has never spoken but voted once against the Gubment on the Hunting with Dogs : Licence Bill. Presumably so that they can hunt Muslims.

    Apparently also, when kidnapped he issued a statement carefully prepared by Bindman's amd then did a no Comment to every question asked. Evidently takes the oath of allegiance required to receive his title very seriously - that's the one about helping the Monarch defeat her foes, etc.,

    Anyway Plod has taken away his computer and some bits and pieces from the Totteridge Lawn Tennis Club - which he was happy to provide.

    The computer is being very carefully examined by the ever expanding IT sections of MI6 - taken away from the less urgent task of discovering cild porn on computers seized under the "Gold Star" campaign, and monitoring HMG's paedophile "honey pot" sex sites.

    Let's just hope for my Lord's sake they don't get their hard drives mixed up.


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