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    Thursday, July 20, 2006

    Rice - Drive by Diplomat and AIPAC call girl

    There is a great deal of hoopla in the Press / TV / meejah about an imminent trip by Condileezza Rice to Jerusalem to apply some "pressure" on the Israeli Gubment - preceded maybe by the exciting spectacle of Tony Blair, taking up the task of warm up comedy man for her.

    To evaluate the utility of such another "drive by diplomacy" mission by the lady in her jet propelled Ferragamo pumps one might look at the official record of the recent trip by Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice when she traveled at breakneck speed to Pakistan, Afghanistan and then onward to Moscow for the Group of 8 G-8 ministerial meeting. June 26th to June 30th (White House record)

    For example to see what a deep and profound understanding she had then, and her ability to anticpate events in Gaza / Israel / Lebanon consider this section of an ...
    Interview With Charlie Wolfson of CBS

    Q. ...." Most pressing today is Gaza, it seems. I know you've been in meetings here, but have you had any reports at all about any progress in getting the Israeli soldier freed? And also, have you given any thought at all to going to the region to see if you can do any good?"

    SECRETARY RICE: " Well, we do need to concentrate at this point diplomatically on trying to get the release of this Israeli soldier and also doing everything that all of us can to help set the calm in the region,(? calm !) which we hope will re-emerge. I think that the time is right for simply trying to mobilize the international community.(*) I have made phone calls, talked to President Abbas. I talked to Foreign Minister Livni. I know that my colleagues have talked to the Egyptians and to others (Which others ?). We're going to continue to try to mobilize the international community so that we can get past this incident to get this soldier released and then get back on a course (?) that would lead to, eventually, a negotiated solution between the parties? "

    (*) Evidently those approaches have yielded zero, apart from Tony Blairs sotto voce offer to act as doormat.

    When the lady visited the North West of England she was despised and derided - and the UK is the US's major ally!

    This is of course to overlook the primary purpose of any such trip to Jerusalem / Beirut which would be simply to represent the interests of her sponsors, AIPAC, ADL and the Neo-con circus on the Beltway, etc., and to call by to promote and protect the interests of Israel ... and no doubt ensure further supplies of weapons , ammunitions , missiles, technology, training , and intelligence.... as well as continuing support by the US Zionist lobbies in the forthcoming elections.


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