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    Thursday, July 27, 2006

    7/7 Bombers - AMAZING new CCTV pictures !!!!!

    This is one a a sequence of CCTV pictures in today's Daily Mail and available online. It show sIT worker 26 yr old Greg Kirby attacking a 17 year old youth who verbally abused him, tripped him up and generally made a nuisance of himself.

    These stunning colour CCTV pictures of the incident on a train to Portsmouth at 11.30pm on January 21st 2006 show .

    1. Greg is NOT one of the "Suicide Bombers"
    2. The CPS can get cases through the courts in 6 months.
    3. How remarkable that 4 guys on 1 main line train, 3 tube trains one bus and several stations on the Rail and tube after examination of 6,000 hours of tape, (and squillions of hours of overtime Sarge) records etc., yields 2 still very grainy Black and White images.
    4. Greg got 200 hours and has to pay £1,000 compensation to the scrote - which is less than convicted fraudster Levitt ****got (180 hrs of community service).

    CCTV is obviously very good both at deterring crime and detecting it, especially when offences occur on public transport. Sleep easy , this won't happen to you ... unless you are the author of one of the blogs in the column on the left entitled 7/7 Survivors.


    Hansard Written Questions
    The Solicitor-General: The estimated prosecution costs associated with the (Roger Levitt) trial were £993,815, including £449,649.32 (including VAT) paid to counsel for the prosecution. In addition, the estimated prosecution costs of investigation amounted to £819,552. The defence costs from legal aid were £2,649,495 and defence costs from central funds were £10,699. I shall write to my hon. Friend shortly with a more detailed breakdown of the defence costs.

    Roger Levitt went on trial in 1993, charged with fraud and theft. It was alleged that the Levitt Group was an 'empty shell' that had been kept going by 'cooking the books' concealing losses of £16Mn. as profits of 13Mn. before the ultimate collapse at Christmas 1990.

    One of the vehicles used for fleecing the punters obtaining funds, was a mortgage outfit called Levitt Olympic Gold - and one of the very active people introducing people was a smart young chap called Sebastian Coe (Now Lord Coe of Ranmore - who presumably lives at DunRunnin) who spends a lot of time with Mrs Mills, nee Jowell and lots and lots of people who want to concrete over the Thames flood plain with publicly funded palaces of Sport and Kulchur and square miles of cheap tacky flood prone housing estates urban luxury.

    A Matter of minor, but intriguing interest, Sarah Lawson FRSA of Red Lion Chambers, was instructed in the Levitt case by a gent calling himself Silvio Berlusconi. Now why on Earth ....?


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