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    Monday, July 24, 2006

    Energy price riser for UK

    Hardly had Lord Patel polished off his crystal balls, or the ink had dried on his forecast of increased gas prices than EDF kicked off with an announcement of higher gas and elctricity prices. Expect more of the same within days by Powergen , British Gas, Centrica and Scottish and Southern.

    EDF ENERGY, one of Britain's biggest energy suppliers,(which includes London Energy, Seeboard and SWEB) and a subsidiary of the state owned EDF, with 5 million customers, has announced it's second round of price increases this year (although their website says nothing about it).

    Effective from from next Monday, July 31st consumers will pay 19% more for gas and 8% more for electricity - rising to 9.1% for customers in its Northern region.

    EDF introduced price rises in March this year for consumers, of 14.7% for gas and 4.7% for electricity. Cumulatively since January 2003 EDF have raised their consumer prices for gas by 92% and electricity prices by 54%.

    Derek Lickorish the CEO of EDF claimed ,'We have been absorbing some of the costs of increased wholesale prices in the hope they would ease.(well if he thought that he must live on planet ZOG)

    'However, prices have remained high with little prospect for reduction in the foreseeable future. (No.NO. Derek NO prospect for reduction - ever)Reluctantly we now have to pass on a proportion of the resulting costs to customers.' EDF said wholesale energy costs have risen 80% over the last year.

    440,000 households signed up for EDF's fixed-price tariffs, which protects them against any price rise before 2008, will not be affected by this rise.

    Energywatch The consumer watchdog said the average EDF customer would now pay £642 for gas and £357 for electricity a year, compared to £324 and £240 respectively 3 years ago. have details of the history of all UK consumer gas and electricity price rises here

    History of EDF energy price rises in the UK

    May 2003: gas 4% electricity 1.5%
    March 2004: gas 4.6% electricity 6.7%
    September 2004: gas 3.5% electricity 3.8%
    January 2005: gas 8.1% and electricity 5.4% (London Eastern, Seeboard, Southern, SWALEC, SWEB regions) and 9.4% (all other regions).
    August 2005: gas 15.5% electricity 10.7%.
    March 2006: gas 14.7% electricity 4.7%
    July 2006: gas 19% electricity 8% more (London Eastern, Seeboard, Southern, SWALEC, SWEB regions) 9.1% (all other regions).


    If you thought that ofgem helped police price rises of electricity and gas , think again. This industry funded body is ;"Ofgem is the regulator for Britain’s gas and electricity industries. Its role is to promote choice and value for all customers."


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