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    Wednesday, August 09, 2006

    Joe and the Jewish Lobby. Surprise Move.

    The big news is that Karl Rove called Joe Leiberman. "Hey Joe", (this is what a close aide says to George Stephanopoulos - and they weren't discussing the Hendrix discography) "we want to reach out to you." Probably the only reason Rove wants to reach anyobdy is either to steal their wallet or sabdbag them (see Joe Wilson for details).

    "we want to reach out to you."

    You bet

    George Dubya Bush wants every damn friend he can find after November 2006 and AIPAC / JINSA / ADL knows that. They will have game planned every possibility - let's face it Joe's defeat didn't come out of a clear blue sky, like an Israeli missile hitting a Tyre apartment block.

    "The boss wants to help. Whatever we can do, we will do.'"

    You bet.

    George (that's Stephanopoulos) runs through the possibilities;

    1. The GOP replace the weak Republican candidate, Alan Schlesinger, with a stronger candidate so screwing Lamont ? Bollocks George.

    2. Convince Schlesinger to drop out of the race and endorse Lieberman in the final week or two, when it's too late for another candidate to fill the GOP slot.

    3. A quiet White House effort to steer some money ( which presumably means slotting the Jewish Lobby into top gear, in overedrive ) in Lieberman's direction ( he is the sole Orthodox Jew in the Senate) - is another possibility. Absolute certainty George.

    As real life gets more like an episode of West Wing we can just sit and watch whilst the Jewish ju-ju works in Connecticut.

    It will be a brave man who lays decent odds on Lamont enjoying the privileges of Washington next year.

    One thing is absolutely certain about the mid term elections , the Jewish Lobby (which doesn't exist) will use every , cent, organise every one they can , strongarm every waverer to ensure, climb every mountain etc., so that the Republicans run both Houses to ensure success of the Israeli policy of continual war in the Middel East.

    Supporting Joe is just one brick in the wall - there will be many, many, more.

    Pic. Joe at an Israeli Bonds Fund raiser (it raised US$71 Mn) at the Ritz-Carlton in Palm Beach, Fla. with Israel Bonds board chairman Burton Resnick. Burton Resnick has been associated with Jack Resnick & Sons since 1956. The company currently controls and operates more than 5 million square feet of prime office space in New York. He-is also co-chairman emeritus of the Real Estate Council of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York regional cochairman of the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, an honorary director of the Alzheimer's Disease and Related Disorders Association, and a past campaign chairman of UJA-Federation in New York - also a personal friend of Ehud Olmert who has a lively interest in real estate deals.


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