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    Sunday, July 30, 2006

    Dubya's Poodle off the lead ....

    This is Charlotte Maillard Schultz welcoming the Dear Leader sans spouse at San Francisco Airport yesterday. Charlotte who ? Charlotte the trophy wife of George Pratt Schultz the 109 year old ex Secretary of State, one of the most powerful and influential Jews in America , Bechtel, Schwab's, Accenture etc., keen no doubt to have the benfit of the Dear leader's views on Hezbollah. he himself was for smashing the Nicaraguans, is for legalising drugs, is a leading meber of George Bush's Vulcan's and a huge supporter of Arni. His dear wife is Arnie's Chef de protocol = PR BS chief.

    For a fascinating tale of intrigue, secret societies,SF demi-monde, human sacrifice, homosexuality, power, greed, money, try this

    A little-known example of Shultz's importance is his role in putting together the team behind the Presidency of George W. Bush. James Mann, wrote the Rise of the Vulcans about Bush's inner Cabinet.

    Shultz initiated a discussion with George W. in the Spring of 1998, whereby the future President sat down in Shultz's living room on the Stanford University campus, in order to be vetted (in effect) to run for President.

    At that meeting were Martin Anderson, the former advisor to both Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan; Abraham Sofaer, (Legal Advisor of the U.S. State Department, was a former Federal judge nominated by President Carter, and alleged to be an agent of Israel's Mossad - oversaw the Sharon v TIME trial ); John Cogan and John Taylor, two economics professors; and Stanford's provost, and Shultz protégé, Condoleezza Rice. After the "scholars" associated with the Hoover Institution indicated that they thought Bush would make a good Presidential choice.

    Bush invited Shultz, Rice, and Anderson down to Austin, Texas for a follow-up meeting in the Summer. Out of that meeting, which was joined by Dick Cheney and Paul Wolfowitz, came the public decision for Bush to run for President.

    It is said that Shultz carried out secret diplomacy, offering Israel the West Bank (which had been part of Jordan), plus a part of southern Lebanon, if Israel would grant Syria, which was then a Soviet satrap, the remainder of northern Lebanon. Thus, the map of the Mideast would be redrawn into a "Greater Syria" and a "Greater Israel"—an arrangement which left the Palestinians, with whom Shultz refused to deal, nothing.... which looks suspiciously like something emerging , quite literally today.

    Nobody's fool and far sighted this is an extract from a PBS interview in 2000..

    "GEORGE SHULTZ: What's new is a change in the availability and cost of information. And this has been something that's been building a long time. And it fundamentally stems from the computer, in my opinion.

    I wrote an article and authored a book in 1961 entitled Management Organization and the Computer. And the idea of the book was to shake up American management and say you're using this device to compute payrolls and keep personnel records, but it's a very powerful instrument that's going to wind up changing the way you manage your enterprises, so you'd better think more creatively about it. "

    Way ahead of Gore inventing the Internet.

    PS . GS is also a director of Israeli based, Gilead Industries who supply the seats for the Boeing Osprey now entering service with the Marines in Iraq - the flying tilt rotor tomb.

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